Revolutionize identity and access management

Forgerock… — without losing your head.

Unter diesem Motto veranstaltet Forgerock (openAM, openIDM, openDJ) in diesem Jahr einen Open Identity Stack Summit in Paris.
Vom 14.10.2013 bis zum 16.10.2013 ist die Kenoxa auch mit dabei wird alle Neuigkeiten rund um den quelloffenen Identity Stack für Sie einsammeln.

Wir werden Sie im Nachgang gern informieren und planen bei Interesse einen Webcast dazu.

Wenn Sie Interesse an der Veranstaltung haben finden sie hier die Informationen von Forgerock.
Ein kurzer Ausszug aus dem Programm:

Title Description
OIS Roadmap Get the latest roadmap updates from the product teams themselves on new features, enhancements and more. It will be a dynamic discussion about what’s in and what’s out, and we want your input.
On the Road: A Vision for Open Source Identity Cloud. Social. Mobile. SaaS. Bridge. This session will provide an overview of the Open Identity Stack vision and how ForgeRock innovation will redefine identity for the modern web.
OpenAM Survival Tips Deployment and maintenance best practices so you can get the most out of your OpenAM project.
A Common API & UI for Building Next-Generation Identity Services Learn how a common API and user interface architected throughout the Open Identity Stack is making it possible to develop next-generation applications and services across cloud, social, mobile, and enterprise environments.
Hands-On Monitoring and Troubleshooting This will be an interactive hands-on session that will review OpenDJ monitoring and troubleshooting. The session will also review best practices for problem reporting and analysis.
Federation in Practice How to solve common use cases using OpenAM’s federation capabilities. Focused on SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0.
Getting Started with OpenIDM Bring your laptop – this is a hands-on session that will review how to download, install, and configure OpenIDM. The session will review how to synchronize two different resources and will provide a quick overview of the end-user dashboard.
An Identity Bridge to Somewhere More and more SaaS providers are leveraging the ability to use data sequestered behind the company firewall. Simultaneously, enterprises are looking to expand management of identity data beyond the firewall to management of user data in the cloud (IaaS). Identity Bridges are the solution. In this talk we’ll preview ForgeRock’s bridge technology for SaaS providers.
Shoot me a Token: OpenAM as an OAuth2 Provider IT requirements are changing to adapt to the now standard anywhere, anytime computing model, but must at the same time comply with mandatory cross-border controls to secure on-premise, cloud, social and mobile platforms. This shift has created a lot of interest in RESTful web services for cloud-oriented and mobile applications. This talk will discuss how to protect RESTful web services using OpenAM OAuth2 Provider and will highlight these features in a mobile demo.
Social Authentication with OpenAM: OAuth2 Consumer Bring your laptop – this is a hands-on session that will review how to use the OAuth2 Consumer in OpenAM. Two common examples used during the session will be Facebook and Google.
Directories for the REST of Us: REST to LDAP in OpenDJ 2.6 This session is designed for those looking for a more in-depth discussion of the REST-to-LDAP feature in OpenDJ 2.6. The session will cover how to enable it, configure it, and make use of the REST API to access data.
Mobile Security We explore mobile security in several informative sessions, including a live demo by Encap, built on the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack with next-gen capabilities like 2-factor authentication.
Implementing eGov A technical how-to: Implementing ForgeRock’s Open Identity Stack in support of Kantara’s eGov SAML V2.0 Implementation profile. This presentation covers how to configure OpenAM for organizations (Government and Commercial) conforming to Kantara’s specifications for both Identity Providers and Service Providers.